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Bangkok (Created on 01.02.2011 - Last modified on 02.02.2011)
One night in Bangkok...
Thai people are very tolerant and open-hearted towards lesbians and gays. Bangkok is therefore extremely gay-friendly and there is a large amount of accommodation, bars, clubs, restaurants and saunas which cater for gay visitors from all over the world. There is also a large amount of massage parlors and strip bars for gay men.
In Thailand, all sexual orientations are tolerated, so there is hardly a "coming out" problem and transsexuals are fully integrated into society. There is also a small but respectable lesbian scene with a women's guest house, lesbian bars and discos. In addition, most locations are open to all.

In mid-November the annual Pride Week with a Gay Pride parade is held in Bangkok.

Bangkok has several "gay areas", the famous "Silom area" and the lesser known areas such as Sukhumvit, Lamsalee, Saphan Kwai, Ratchada and Khaosarn, as well as many locations along the Ramkhamhaeng and Phaholyothin Road.
The gay life, where both tourists and Thais hang out, is around the Silom Road and Surawong Road, and the adjoining streets and alleys. These are primarily Silom Soi 4, Silom Soi 2, Silom Soi 2 1/2 and Soi Pratuchai. In Silom Soi 4, the whole street is lined with bars, restaurants and bars, such as the legendary Telephone Pub and the Balcony. Soi 2 is known for the popular club DJ station and the associated (music) bars in this area. In Soi 2 1/2 is G.O.D., an after-hours club with regular cabaret shows, as well as the "@Richard's Pub" and the Style Sauna. If 10 min. walking is not too much then you can head off to probably the most popular and one of the largest gay sauna in Bangkok, the Babylon. (Farose 2 claims to be the biggest gay sauna in Southeast Asia.) The Heaven Sauna is just as popular and is just a bit further down Silom Road. Soi Pratuchai is the home of Dick's Café, Maxis Bar & Restaurant, and a lot of go-go bars.
Not far to the east, is the Sukhumvit area with yet more interesting venues, including the Beach Sauna. Further north, the other areas and streets are full of bars, clubs, restaurants and saunas, which are visited mainly by locals. Nevertheless, "foreigners" (tourists) are always welcome, called in Thai "Falang", which means usually a light-skinned European or American, which is the ideal form of beauty from a Thai point of view.
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Bangkok (Created on 10.02.2012)
What does BKK have to offer?
Besides the former 2 travelogues-the same in German/Deutsch and English- here a short overview what BKK has to offer the gay tourist:
Most well known are its gogobars: around 12, nearly all but 2 in a small area just off Silom/Suriwong road. They vary in size from giant to small and have boys dancing and wriggling on a stage and often special shows. You can take the boys off. Most are listed here under 'going out'.
A variation on this theme are karaoke pubs/bars-same, but no gogo, the boys wear streetclothes and they can sing a song. Mostly in the Sapan Kwai area.
Around 40 gay sauna's-just like anywhere in the world, but at least half are fairly small and local and do not often see white tourists. Listed under having fun.
Around 40-50 massageplaces that offer more as just the massage and have only-male staff. Only a very few are listed here, as houses with boys. or as massage under ''other''. It would be better to have them grouped together. Anyway: a lot of them are advertising on a site named and in many Thai-only sites and boards. For those around the Silom area: go to a site named nickysgaybangkok. In outer BKK they may hardly ever see a white tourist.
As all Thai business they may open close or change owner at the whim of a day and its impossible to keep track of them continuously. Expect a listingsite like this to be imperfect.
A dozen or so pubs/disco's/music bars- 2 with international fame (DJ and GOD) and others quite far out in suburban BKK and mainly/only having Thai clients. That is the RamKamHaeng university area and the OToKo bars-just off the weekendmarket at Kamphaeng Phet road and now also 2 in RCA. They work in the Thai way which may appear ''need to get used to'' for many 1st time visitors. Due to Thai law they open all 21.00-2.00 except a very few.
I tried to weed out the listings here-febr. 2012- and remove non-existing or warn for probable closures, but again: as such that is about impossible in a big city like this. ALL other listingssites have the same problem.
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