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Greenhouse Health Club Luton

Saunas & Bathhouses
Majority of guests: gays/menAccess: only for men
Greenhouse Health Club Luton
 (Branch of business: Saunas & Bathhouses)
Address 23 Crawley Road
LU1 1HX Luton
East of England, United Kingdom
Phone:01582 487701
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Monday:from 10:00 a.m. 
Tuesday:from 10:00 a.m. 
Wednesday:from 10:00 a.m. 
Thursday:from 10:00 a.m. 
Friday:10:00 a.m. - 04:00 a.m. 
Saturday:10:00 a.m. - 06:00 a.m. 
Sunday:from 11:00 a.m. 

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Gay friendly hotels in Luton
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4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (11. September 2014)

Had a good time
I went for my 1st visit to a sauna .
I found the staff to be ok.
The place was clean
And plenty of rooms to have fun in.
Came loads. In cell 1 some guy in the glory hole *** me off superbly. Thank you who ever that was.
It was not very busy that day and the people were very pleasant
Hope to go back another time when I can

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (29. July 2014)
My favourite location

It can be surprising
Although the entrance is in a part of socially conservative Luton, parking is easy nearby and you don't feel threatened. The entrance fee is steep at £13 but I suppose if you get sex for that it's not too bad. Inside is a bit tacky, especially the Jacuzzi, and one of the rooms showing porn shows men and women, which seems pervy for a gay sauna.
It comes down to the guys. The drag queens on Thursdays are annoying, but otherwise the choice is good. Beefy Polish lads, young Chinese guys, black guys, British lads, Asian boys... all there for you. I've introduced a few to the slings and bondage and usually fuck at least one guy each session, sometimes three.
A lot of the customers are "straight" and a few need to take showers before sex.
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Anonymous (n/a)
(15. August 2014)
It is funny that the reviewer refers to "straight" customers and then seems to be surprised that heterosexual porno is on view in the lounge. Hasn't he heard of bisexuals? Some may think that his "sling" and "bondage" is a bit "pervy" too ;-)
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3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars (20. December 2013)

Third time, quiet Tuesday
My third time. This time on a Tuesday.

Staff still very friendly and pleasant but it was very quiet and only a handful of guys. Went away slightly unfulfilled as expectations were high following previous visit.

Naked Wednesday seems a more popular day and therefore if you are planning your first visit and are not shy then this may be a better bet.

On a house keeping note, condoms etc where readily available and included within locker which was welcome.

The focus of attention was the steam room and jacuzzi. Sadly the corridors were a bit empty this time.

The entry fee is good value. Only £13 for getting your rocks off, seems pretty cheap to me?

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (13. December 2013)

Second time still fun
My second visit and review of this sauna (bi-curious experimenting). I went on naked Wednesday which is a very liberating thing to do. No towels.

Staff were friendly again so I can't find a reason for other bad reviews.

This time I got to explore more of the facilities. I would say it was a slightly older crowd this time but perhaps that was something to do with the time I went. That's not to say that was a bad thing and probably meant I got more attention?

The public areas give entertainment for voyers. The private booths sounded like the participants were having fun. The dungeon area seemed less popular. My favourite though was the the steam room. Clean showers opposite. The steam room is dark and hot which makes the attention of strangers more charged. I went in a couple of times and received company very quickly. Hopefully we all had fun. I did at least.

I think this is a fun place to go. Still worth a try.

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (02. December 2013)

First time in all ways
The reviews for the green house i have read seem mixed so I want to give a more positive review. I fall into the bi-married camp; never been to green house before, never been to a sauna and never had sex with a guy.

Hooking up on line is logistically difficult. Dogging sites are fraught with embarrassment and danger where as a sauna is a lot more honest. We all know why we are there which makes things far more straight forward.

I arrived though the green door with heart thumping. Paid the very pleasant man at the kiosk and was given a clean white towel and locker key. Before I knew it I was stripping off in a narrow locker room next to an older gent. I went up one flight of stairs and found the sauna. No one was in it so I was less nervous to enter. Within seconds a guy joined me and very shortly after that I had cum in his mouth! Not quite sure what happened now but I enjoyed it. Sorry to the guy though as I would have liked to have taken things slower (note to self- perhaps take yourself in hand before to avoid build up of anticipation).

I would definitely go back and was sad I didn't have more time to get second wind and explore the facilities more. From what I saw there was a mixed crowd of ages build, no bad smells, consideration and good manners all round. All good. If you are bi-curious and want to scratch that itch it is worth a try.

3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars (15. March 2013)

Gone down hill
I used to come a lot a thew years ago and I've seen some very awesome nights there I even had my first cock in my ass here and was the focal point of a gangbang slash bukkake which resulted in about 15 blokes going thru me and coming on me which I realy enjoyed but I recently visited about a week ago and it realy has gone down hill. The staff were miserable and very unhelpful. They ran out of condoms and when I asked they said that I would just have to do without. Not acceptable. I'm gonna give it one more go because everyone has there off days and I might of just caught them on a bad day but for £13. Come on guys get a grip.

5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars (19. February 2013)

I think they have read these bad reviews and pulled their socks up! Had a very good time - good mix of guys. Exceptionally clean and well maintained - even during maintenance. Staff very pleasant even flirty, ;)). Equipment seemed all new. It is the pefect environment for a sexy sauna time. And this was on a Saturday night. Great. Will put this on the list of suburb saunas orthba visit!

2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars (05. February 2013)

This place should not be open
After visiting this crummy sauna today I feel robbed, after paying the full price to get in I was told that the sauna area was closed due to vital maintenance work for 2 weeks, the guy on the desk was very miserable and rude and said take it or leave it as I had driven over an hour I had to give it a try. When undressing in the changing area I was passed by 2 workmen with masks on covered in dust. I went upstairs to find the whole sauna area closed including the internet room and the far cinema room which is basically half the building. The other cinema was showing straight films and had no gay ones I was told. It was a total waste of time and I was charged for a small coffee, its a disgrace they are greedy enough to stay open while this work is going on and I wont be back ever !! Be warned.pp

3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars (03. February 2013)

Serious B.O.
I made the mistake of going on the last Sunday of January 2013, which happened to be Bears Day. Was very busy, but...there were some seriously smelly guys there. I don't have a problem with bears, after all, I would consider myself one, but on this particular day I was pretty repulsed. I ended up leaving far sooner than I had expected. The stench of b.o. on some guys was disgusting. Fat, sweaty lard arses isn't my idea of a good day out.
Apart from that, the sauna can be good, although recently, it's been on the quiet side. Possibly because of the increased entry fee (£13).
The majority of visitors do appear to be of the older variety, which can be a problem if you're looking for something a bit younger.
In my experience, the staff have all been reasonably pleasant, although there was one who could be very unfriendly, very unhelpful and behaved as if you were wasting his time. Not seen him for a while, so maybe he's no longer there.

2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars (19. December 2012)

Very Rude member of staff
The very first time I went to this sauna, one of the members of staff - a guy of about 40-45, tall, fairly slim, shaved head, dark eyes - was exceptionally rude to me in front of about 10 other customers.

He behaved like this because I was wearing swimming trunks whilst walking around the sauna.

I want to explain why I like to do this: I get irritation from having damp towels next to my skin, so I always like to wear swimming trunks when visiting the sauna. Towels get so damp after a few sessions in the steam-room, sauna or jacuzzi and especially after you've dried off, it's simply not nice to have a towel wrapped round you, whether it's sopping or even slightly damp.

I've never encountered a problem wearing swimming trunks at the saunas in London, and have seen other guys wearing them too. I know some people will say they don't like the look of swimming trunks, but, as a secondary consideration, I don't personally like the look of a utilitarian off-white towel wrapped around your body. I much prefer to check out a guy's package through some nice sexy trunks.

On this occasion, the staff member employed by the Greenhouse Luton was exceptionally rude, cold and indiscreet, shouting across a busy bar that I could not wear trunks in the sauna, it was against their house rules, etc.

It is odd that they should mention these house rules, because the house rules do state No Sexual Activity whatsoever on the premises. That one particular rule must be broken by every single customer who sets foot inside the sauna.

I find it insulting being told that I cannot wear what I like in the sauna, especially when I've driven to Luton from London through heavy traffic, spent 30 mins trying to find a parking space, and then paid their not-so-cheap admission fee and walked around a sauna that is, at best, down-at-heel. I'm supporting their business and they have the nerve to speak to me like that and lay these laws down.

I've visited a number of gay saunas in the UK and Europe before now: Touch Sauna Swindon, Bath House (Somerset), The Village (Bristol), Chariots Vauxhall, Shoreditch, Limehouse and Waterloo and Pleasuredrome, and never ever encountered this before. The way this man spoke to me was disgusting and insensitive and very rude. If he didn't like me wearing trunks, he could have pulled me to the side and had a quiet word with me, but no, he went straight for the jugular.

When I'm paying that sort of entry fee, I can wear what I like and damn any of their management who say otherwise. Ostensibly, this sauna could be rather good but it is let down by simple things.

Sorry but I won't go back because of this person's ridiculous, petty attitude. He clearly has no people skills; if he spoke like that to some customers in a London sauna, they would end up head-butting him I'm sure.

Rude rude rude. No other sauna (except all of the Greenhouse chain) in the United Kingdom lays down this rule and it's high time the GH abolished it!
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Anonymous (n/a)
(15. March 2013)
I totally agree with you there and can't understand why he would even ask you to take them off as on there website it states that if your uncomfortable wearing only a towel or being naked you can wear some form of pants.
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3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars (16. December 2012)

Very Miserable Staff
I have been to this sauna many times and agree with the unhappy customer regarding the chubby man who is very miserable. He gives this place a bad name and does not deserve to work there , people want good service and a smiling face not someone who gives you a dirty look if you happen to ask for something or complain about the cold food and time it takes to serve it.... Be prepared if you want a meal expect to wait upto or over an hour and please dont look forward to it as the standard of cooking is a disgrace, I had better meals at school 15 years ago. Apart from the staff the sauna is ok if you want to meet a lot of old men.

Affable Guy
2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars (12. December 2012)

OK facility-shame about the service
Went here Sat 1st Dec 2012 at 12noon ….. pretty dead for a Saturday ….. wondered why? Ordered an all day breakfast, older chubby guy on reception cooked it. Arrived 1/2hr later, the bacon burnt to a crisp ….. he offered to cook some more bacon, being easy going I shrugged it would be ok ….. but soon as I tucked in I noticed the plate was stone cold, the beans were almost cold, likewise the 2 sausages etc ….. took it back to the counter and asked politely if he could heat it up and maybe do some fresh bacon at the same time seeing as he'd offered.(the frazzled leathery burnt streaks cracked when prodded with a fork)
Jesus! ….. you should've seen the look he gave me …. 'face like a smacked arse'! If I had been obnoxious or rude it might have been justified. Another 1/2hr later my breakfast arrived …. fine this time, hot (at £4.45 you are paying the government extra tax for the fact it is hot) and I made approving murmuring noises that it was much better. No affable chat came back. Just thought 'what charm school did they coach him in?' No wonder this place is dead. Went for a sauna ….. luke warm at best …. came back and ordered a tea. By this time the chubby guy's 2 overseers were behind the counter chatting to him. I sat down to read the paper - not sure how long it would take him to do the brew ….. the breakfast took so long …. I wasn't going to stand at the counter and hold my breath. 10-15 mins later he walks past me, doesn't say anything and goes to tidy towels in the locker room. Thinking this tea is taking a while to brew I look up at the counter and see a cup of tea standing there almost hidden by a post ….rapidly in the last stages of emitting any sort of steam+heat. I call thru to the locker room "Is that my tea on the counter?" he grumpily says "yes" …..I'm thinking - why didn't the muppet tell me the tea was ready when he put it on the counter? I wasn't hiding round the corner ….. common courtesy to say "your tea's ready, mate" wouldn't have gone amiss. I call thru "you could've told me when it was ready- then I might have been able to drink it when it was hot!" One of his overseers immediately jumps to his defence and rather irritatedly says …." it's not his job to wait tables ….. he presses a button and puts the tea on the counter - you have to come to the counter to pick up your tea"
I respond " I wasn't expecting him to wait tables - just to let me know when the tea was ready so I could drink it hot - I've already had to put up with having a cold breakfast served earlier ….. (slightly irked I relate the tale as above)…..your supposed to be providing a decent customer service here ….. it's just not good enough. He looks irritated ….. these guys can't take criticism ….. He says "If you don't like it, why don't you leave?" …..he marches to the till …..extracts £14 and says "… fact…here's your money back, can you get changed and leave now" "With pleasure" I retort ….."no wonder this place is so dead, ….. your service is appalling" I change, roll my eyes and walk out ….. unbelievable! ….. didn't even stop to pay for my breakfast and teas …..I thought if they are throwing me out after such a small complaint they deserve to go bankrupt ….. Can't see this place lasting much longer with service and personalities behind the bar like that! Victor Meldrew would have a field day in there!

5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars (15. November 2012)

Loved it and had some good fun
I am the average bloke who is not happy in body beautiful meat pack markets. Well, the greenhouse in Luton has great atmosphere, a lovely array of kinky rooms and is populated with guys from all ages and backgrounds, who are sexy, good looking, horny and not the time wasting posers you find in some places in the capital. Loved it and had good fun no stop for the whole afternoon. Will definitively go back!

2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars (30. January 2012)

Hit and Miss
Been to the Greenhouse a few times over the past couple of years and agree with other reviews that the average age is roughly 50ish - nothing wrong with that if that's what you want.

I last went on Fri 27th Jan (11pm) and being a Friday eve expected it to be busy but only about 10 guys about.

I would have rated it maybe 3/4 stars but the steam room could do with a good clean. underneath the ridge of the seats it felt slimy (not in a good way!) and had a strong smell of mould.

However, staff seemed to be friendly enough.

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (29. April 2011)

Had a very enjoyable time
I spent a very enjoyable afternoon here. I have to say the place was not particularly busy but there was still fun to be had.

The facilities are excellent, very cleaned and well maintained.

As someone else has remarked, the staff could do with cheering up!

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (15. November 2009)
My favourite location

Never been disappointed
Have been several times over the years and was due for some attention, but I've never left the place disappointed and one member of the staff went of of his way to ensure I wasn't disappointed! Like all saunas, if you're gona be prissy and aloof, you won't get good sex, but for real guys, this place can be a goldmine! Prove me wrong!

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (22. May 2008)

..busy on the last Sunday of...
This sauna is particularly busy on the last Sunday of each month when it is a “bears' day”. There can be upwards of 250 bears and admirers there on such days. Bears like free food and a Jacuzzi to play in!

The facilities include a Jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room, Porno Cinema, glory holes, orgy areas and a limited number of private rooms.

Apart from weekends, the number of clients is somewhat limited in my experience.

****** UPDATE July 2009

There has been a major refurbishment since my last visit. The whole of the rear part of the first floor has been re-planned with a new steam room, showers and porno theatre. The alterations are to a high standard, but have lead to less action in the steam due to it's openness. The British should take "a leaf from the book" of the Dutch and Belgians with an elbow-height wall being constructed across the steam room, allowing more discretion for the shy! The video now has ceiling projection, a great improvement.

Unfortunately, most of the staff look as though they have never ever smiled in their lives ;) Come on lads, a bit of friendliness would not go amiss!

****** UPDATE April 2011

Visited last Saturday and was surprised how few people were there during the afternoon and early evening. Over the 3 to 4 hours I was there, there were only about 20 people with an average age of around 50 with a couple of youngsters in their mid-twenties. No comparison with a Bears' Day.

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