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Firuz Ağa Hamamı

Thermal Baths & Public Swimming Pools
Majority of guests: gays/menAccess: only for men
Firuz Ağa Hamamı
 (Branch of business: Thermal Baths & Public Swimming Pools)
Address Çukur Cuma Cd 6 (2-22)
34433 Istanbul, Beyoğlu
Short info
Short info
This traditional turkish hamam is popular with tourists and local gay guys, but it is not a gay bath. Due to police action they are trying to be more discreet. Entry is no longer via the front door but the door guy should find you and let you in.
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Monday:from 05:00 p.m. 
Tuesday:from 05:00 p.m. 
Wednesday:from 05:00 p.m. 
Thursday:from 05:00 p.m. 
Friday:from 05:00 p.m. 
Saturday:from 05:00 p.m. 
Sunday:from 05:00 p.m. 

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Gay friendly hotels in Istanbul


2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars (05. September 2014)

I tried to go there tonight. It was nearly 9 pm, which means that it was supposed to be open. When I looked from the corner of the street, I so the building in the dark. When I was approaching the door, some random guy screamed "you homo?". I got really scared. Ran away.
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Anonymous (n/a)
(17. October 2014)
I went there in October, and the place was well lit, the door was open and the signboard was lit up. The staff regularly patrol the various areas in the hamam to make sure that the patrons are decent and cover up with their pestemal. I guess they are doing their part to make sure that they remain in business.
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4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (30. December 2013)

a fun and relaxing place to be...
as a turkish bear, i frequently visit this hammam (we call it hamam in turkish) and just wanted to drop a few lines so all the gay men visiting istanbul will know beforehand what to expect.

hammams are places where people used to get cleaned for centuries and also socialize when doing it. a lot has changed over time and with people having bathrooms and showers at their homes. so only those who like the steam and the scrub visit one from time to time. if you are a frequent visitor, you get to know other frequent visitors so you can exchange some small chat. if you are visiting a non-gay hammam, make sure you keep your privates covered with the cloth you are given (called pestemal, read as peshtamal). turkish men are not used to having communal showers like most american or european visitors have seen during school gym classes, dorms or etc. and straight turkish men can get offended when they are flashed privates.

over the past few years, istanbears organization threw hammam parties in spring and fall, and since then this place has been frequented by gays, from turkey and abroad. yes there are many turks, but also many foreign tourists. frankly speaking, as a big bear, i dont usually see other big bears, but you will see many turkish men with some form of bellies and lots of hair, along with some muscled foreign tourists. keep in mind, there are no condom dispensers, so you make sure you bring some along if you want to participate in any action. by the way, most turks do not speak english, so dont expect to have any long chats. on the weekends, it is very crowded. during week days, it starts crowding up at 7-8pm.

when you enter the hammam from front gate, you will see the stairs going down to an entrance area where you get your locker keys and also cool off after your hammam experience or have something to drink (no alcohol. also make sure you have not consumed alcohol before going to any hammam as with the heat and steam, you might have serious problems). top floor is where they have lockers or private massage rooms. keep in mind, sex is not allowed in the second floor massage rooms.

once you take off your clothes, cover yourself with the pestemal and take your locker keys with you, you go back down and enter the hamam area. this is a historic place, so centuries old. but it is covered with marble and water is flowing everywhere, which makes it clean in a way. but due to steam and water, it looks and smells very humid. so you get the impression it is run down. but hey, lets be real, you are not at the hammam of a five-star hotel and this hammam is not a a very upscale part of town.

inside the first gate you have two bathroom stalls (where you pee standing up or take a dump squatting), two shower stalls (never seen anyone use it for that purpose though, you know what i mean..), a cold room and a sauna. through the second gate you enter the main hammam area. there you will see a wide hallway leading to 4 rooms; a tiny room for private scrub, one dark room (which is not dark during the day as it has tiny glasses at the top of the dome which lets the daylight in, but dark at nights), main hammam and a smaller and relatively cooler second hammam room. nothing sexual goes on in the main big hammam room. men are fully covered, but lots of cruising. in the smaller hammam room, you can see men chatting or someone shaving his genitals. if you ask for a tellak (the burly scrub guy), one will give you a scrub in the private scrub room or in the main hammam, it is your chose. he covers your genitals or the crack of your ass when doing it, for some privacy. if a turkish guy likes you, he might touch or pad your chest gently. dont get offended, just get the hint and if you are not interested, you walk away. just like in a gay bar. at the dark room, you will see a crowd and you either watch or join the fun, or pick a guy up. i am not into quickies, so if i am there, i sometimes chat, sometimes watch people having fun. one thing i like about this place is that i have never run into hustlers type of guys.

once you are done, you go back to the entrance, get dried by a guy, have a cold drink and cool off.

i hope you guys enjoy your time in istanbul and firuzaga.
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Anonymous (n/a)
(08. March 2014)
Thank you very much for all this information above which I found it very useful to me as a foreigner coming there for the first time. I have one question please for you, I am a big man and I need a big towel to put around me. Should I bring one with me or the Hammam manager provides me a big towel? I am xxxl.

Thank you very much for your time and answer. looking forward to hearing from you.

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5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars (08. December 2012)

Diamond in the Rough
Because there's nothing on the Internet about this place, I'll put something down for newbies.

From Istikal Caddesi, you go down a hill, turn on one of the larger side roads, go 20 m max and then go down a set of stairs. What I found was a very bright (relative to my expectations), two story open space. The stairway spits you out onto the first floor of this area. The second floor is rooms that ring the space with relatively narrow walkway that looks down on to the first floor.

If you get an oil massage, they have a private room for that on the second floor but it's down the hall from the open area in the far corner of another large area (only one story).

The actual hamam is behind a door off to the right on the first floor with a customer service counter guarding the hamam entrance. There you can buy drinks (non-alcoholic definitely) and order massages. Also right at the entrance is a bunch of soap for your use.

There's a vestibule with shower stalls to the left and squat toilets to the right. Also, off of this room is the dry sauna and a dim smoking room. Go through the door immediately in front of you and you'll be in the wet part of the hamam. You'll be in the central room, where you can sit and chat. There's a room for massages (theoretically) and small group play to the left. The dark room is ahead of you but at the opposite corner. 90 degrees to that is the entrance to the main washing hall. There's a smaller washing room across from the dark room entrance on the same side as the door to the vestibule. The main room is well kept, but I wouldn't say that there's anything architecturally interesting, aside from a plastered dome. It's all plaster and tile like my gym bathrooms back home. There are small sinks about knee-high on the tiled bench that rings the room. The same thing is true for the smaller wash room. The main room also has a large platform (also knee-high) in the middle. The platform's heated, but I would have liked it to be hotter. As for space that's it.

Before I get into the actual services and happenings, I'd probably have to describe myself. I am much younger than the average customer (late 20s vs. 45-55). I'm a bit fitter than the average customer. This was my experience. It could be different for you.

I was new meat and treated that way by the clientele. Other people seemed to know each other, but I don't speak Turkish, so I couldn't say.

Very active throughout the few hours I spent there, the crowd is largely larger (wide not high) middle-aged Turkish men. If you like hairy, stocky men, this is your paradise. I would say about 10% were foreigners of some sort (anything from Greek to Australian to Russian to German to American). About 20% were in their 30s and a scattering were in their 20s. The Turks there mostly did not speak English (none spoke fluently), though some were fluent in regional languages like Arabic, Russian, Armenian and Greek. It's a plus if you know any of those languages.

In the dark room, it was a 15-20 guy orgy (it was a Friday night) most of the night, which isn't my thing. There was play in the smaller wash room, and couples and groups of threes and fours went into the small side room throughout the night. The main room didn't have so much action, but there was a lot of cruising. Contrary to the warning, it was not discreet at all.

The place does not have condoms. Be careful!

When you come in, it's about 25 deg C. The main guy asks if you want to go to the hamam, and then gives you sandals, a plaid piece of cloth to wrap yourself for modesty, and a key to a locker off of the large 2 story room at the entry. He will keep track of all expenses you incur. As you walk into the hamam, he'll give you a bar of soap. Turkish baths is just lot of pouring water over your head/body and then soaping up and repeating. You lounge, lay on the heated platform, do whatever. It's very relaxing.

When you leave, you tell the main guy that you want to leave, and he will dry you off with towels himself. It was very comforting in a way, I hadn't been dried off like that since I was 5.

Massages: They offer two massages, soap and oil. Soap is supposed to be 10 minutes, but the guy sometimes did it for longer. It is usually done by one of the younger looking attendants (20?) in the main washroom on the heated platform, in front of everybody in the washroom. The attendant adjusted the plaid cloth you wear so almost everything is exposed and then scrub you down. I was sort of intimidated by this, so I had the 30 minute oil massage. It was done by a built 30 year old dark Turkish dude. The 30 year old retrieved me wearing a t-shirt and track pants. We went up to the second floor room. It's a dimly lit room with a simple, hip high leather covered, upholstered bench. He indicated that I get undressed, and I did. He left to get oil, but when he came back wearing nothing but a piece of plaid cloth identical to the one I was wearing. He took off my plaid cloth for the length of the massage. The massage itself felt very good, but it wasn't like anything I had before. As for earlier comments in re: massage, I think yes it is true.

The prices aren't bad: 30 lira for entrance, 30 for the massage. They charged me a little bit more than the market rate for a soft drink, but not bad.

Overall: It was very good and on the whole very relaxing. A solid recommend.

none elias99
3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars3.0 stars (20. October 2012)

mostly bears
As in most Turkish hammams you'll find plenty of big Turkish bears. Some youngsters but most are middle aged or above. The people who visit the place know each other, so if its your first visit you'll find plenty of action because you're regarded as 'fresh meat'. Friendly staff, they only speak some words English so its easier if you speak some Turkish.

5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars (22. August 2012)
My favourite location

Restored Traditional Hamam
Wasn't busy when I went during Ramadan season but joined a hot 7-man orgy in the dark washing room. Mixed bears and muscle boys. Action also took place in the main candle-lit washing room. The massage and scrub boys are cute and hot. I felt they would offer more than the traditional "services" if I asked.

Entrance fee was 25 Turkish Lira. Massages and scrubs are 10 Lira. 30-minute oil massages 30 Lira.

Open until midnight. Good place!

5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars (04. May 2012)

Neighbourhood paradise!
What a friendly place! Totally relaxed and so enjoyable. Not a tourist trap and very gay-friendly. The action is nowhere near what happens in american bathouses but here is definitly good action here. Do not expect heavy duty action or attitude. This is a great neighborhood hammam where all are welcome and treated warmly. The manager is very funny and puts you at ease from the moment you come down those stairs leading to the common room lined with the changing and dressing rooms. Very little english but they manage to explain the "works" of their hammam very well. Did not go for the massage or the soapy rub-down as seen in touristy hammam. Just let yourself go and relax: the whole place is very steamy in all senses of the word. Discretion is not overbearing as all the bathers are open and very friendly without any hassle or attitude at all. What a refreshing experience. My friend and I ended our afternoons there every day (before 5PM it is for women only) after 6PM. The place was always well stocked with a pleasant variety of types including those famous "istanbears". A treat, a real treat! A must go whenever visiting Istanbul: this place is addictive and very satisfying. Thanks Firuzaga for a memorable slice of Instanbul life!!!

none ******
5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars (07. September 2011)
My favourite location

Best Hamam in town
Defenetively the nicest hamam where to go. It was adviced by locals, as well.

The place is a nice, historical hamam. Clean and 'traditional', in the sense that they provide all the services. Fair price: no need to bargain a massage, as they do it for the (fair) fixed price of 10TL. When you pay they won't excpect you to give tips, but I always left more and more as I was impressed but they friendliness (especially compared to other places like Cesme Hamami)

The owner is very friendly, and his two kazaki young helpers are very nice, too. If it's your first time, as it was for me, they will make you feel at ease.

Clients there are very 'friendly', too. Mixed crowd and very laid-back, relaxed atmosphere.

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