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E15 Club

Saunas & Bathhouses
Majority of guests: gays/menAccess: only for men
Very popular venue E15 Club
 (Branch of business: Saunas & Bathhouses)
Address 6 Leytonstone Road
E15 1SE London, Newham
Greater London, United Kingdom
Phone:020 8555 5455
Short info
Short info
With a diverse clientele ranging from all ages and races, the E15 Club is the perfect place to relax and chill out before, after or even on a day off from work. (ex The Health Club/The 800 Club)
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Monday:10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. 
Tuesday:10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. 
Wednesday:10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. 
Thursday:10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. 
Friday:10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. 
Saturday:09:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. 
Sunday:10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. 

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5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars (09. December 2014)
My favourite location

Not for posers.....
I had four days in London and decided to give E15 a try. I'm a 60yo guy but in good condition and reasonable looking. I've been to a few saunas in London over the years but, generally speaking, once you get to a certain age you feel as if your a trespasser at an event for posers and muscle mary's. What a refreshing change E15 is. I went on the Saturday late afternoon and, whilst not packed out, there were plenty of guys there with a cross section of ages from I guess around late thirties to 70+. What was really refreshing was that there was none of that attitude of superiority you experience any many other places. Despite some of the earlier postings I found the place very clean, regularly mopped and tidied and my only request would be to dim the lights in the downstairs video room. I couldn't stay that long on this occassion but decided to come back on the Sunday.
Sunday - and how glad I was to come back. Very busy and lots going on. Everyone here is so friendly! Had a great session in the downstairs darkroom with 5 other guys! Only downside is I live over 150 miles away otherwise I would be a weekly visitor.

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (03. December 2013)
My favourite location

It could be the best ,,
It is very clean and warm (unlike the greeting of unhappy queen at the entrance ,!) and large and comfortable ,m,,but. bUT it is brighter than Luton fucking airport. why???? Can't we pleasehave very dim lights in sauna and darker in the video room downstairs ,,,,,!!!??? And some nice soft chairs up stairs. Please. ,,,,,m,,,,I av been coming here fir ages and like it except fr the above ,,,will you pease. Dim th lights
Best wshes. Ray

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (26. January 2013)
My favourite location

.. sauna gradually been improved ..

This sauna is the one that I usually visit the most. This is because the clientele and friendly and chatty and most of them are in my age group, although there are some youngsters (25-40) who also visit. There is quite an ethnic mix because of the diversity of the area. Bear Day is usually the first Thursday of month when free food is served.

The premises have much improved over the years, although there is still some work to be done, especially with the 1st floor facilities. Staff are pleasant too.

The entry is now £14 with £2 concessions for over 60's and the unwaged. There are various “special offers” ranging from £8 on certain days and at certain times. If you loan two porno DVD's whilst you are there, then there is a further £2 concession.

Snacks and light meals as well as hot and cold drinks are served at reasonable prices, There is no sex on the ground floor (apparently something to do with the licence from the local authority), but plenty goes on in the basement with its sling and porno video room. Also the top floor which has various cabins, a darkroom, glory holes and a further video room.

Well worth a visit especially if you are into the mature.
November 2008 - The sauna has gradually been improved over the years and is situated on three floors with the wet area including steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi on the ground floor, together with a TV Lounge and bar for drinks/snacks. One of the porno video rooms is situated in the basement with an adjacent orgy room with sling and "Cross of St Andrew" The upper floor has cabins, cubicles with glory holes & a further video room and orgy room. 

Catch the 69/257 bus from Stratford Bus Station or the train from Stratford (Central/Jubilee/Overground to Maryland Station. The sauna is a few minutes walk diagonally across from Station. 

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (12. September 2012)

Rarely disappointed
Not the smartist gay place in London BUT usually delivers action to meet anyone's needs.
Mostly an older crowd but a good selection of all age groups to choose from. Sun pm is best, a sizeable crowd ready for action. Exhibitionists will love this place - sex action of all sorts everwhere - just try your luck and join in....

4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (10. August 2012)
My favourite location

good sauna with no time wasters
I have not been since before the Olympics but cannot wait until they are over! This is a good venue for any gay/bi man who is looking for sex and wants to avoid poseurs and time wasters. I am 68yo and slightly disabled but have never had a problem hooking-up with guys for sex. Good, friendly staff and clients. Condoms and lube always readily available from the excellent tea bar. The facilities are adequate and although the decorative state of the building needs some improving it is not a problem. See you next week!

1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars1.0 stars (08. December 2011)

nice clients, thats about it !
i was a regular visitor to the E15 club until yesterday that is. the place is never clean, lots of breakdowns sauna steamroom etc, carpet on stairs yuk !! smelly and it got its very own female cleaner who walks around watching everything. was accused of having sex in steamroom by female cleaner which caused a major argument, will never return to this place. only go if you like old 70/80s , broken down equipment and abusive cleaner. the jucuzzi sometimes looks like a dirty fish tank, cabins are not cleaned during the day ever. never again !!
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Anonymous (n/a)
(20. December 2011)
I am a regular as the E15 and I feel that I must have been visiting an entirely different establishment. Since the wet area has had extensive makeover, I have found that it to be clean and well kept. OK, the 1st floor can be a bit grubby, but I am sure that they will get around to upgrading it soon. The glass doors to the sauna and the steam room do limit action for some people. [UPDATE: I have since checked with the management, who tell me that NO sex is supposed to take place on the ground floor - only on the 1st Floor or the basement. This restriction is due to the wording of the licence from Local Authority.]

I think ROB0011 is being somewhat sensitive about the female cleaner. I am not sure if she is the same one who worked there sometime back, but she was very broadminded and even changed the porno-videos. The only rule that I have heard of is having sex in the Jacuzzi, which for hygienic reasons is a good one. Perhaps she was being overzealous on this occasion.

Yes it is true that the place is frequented by a lot of "mature" men, but I see that ROB0011 at 50 can hardly be called a "Spring Chicken"! I am sure we will all miss him ;-)
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5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars (16. October 2011)

1st experience
hi,i went for 1st time on saturday mid afternoon at 3.00 pm on 08/10/11.never been to sauna before and in my late twenties.soon put at ease mostly older guys there and kept very busy for 3 hours,will now go regularly amazing.
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(08. December 2011)
did u not go to a sauna in april, you have another review, so how can you say you have never been before
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4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars (13. April 2011)

Friendly clean good vibs
I have been in the past and found it "hit or miss". Went again last week and was pleasantly surprised. The refurbishment work has brought it up to date, new steam room and I.R. Sauna and better cleaner showers, sauna and jacuzzi. This club does live up to it's reputation of the "Friendly" sauna. Will be back on a regular basis.

none East15
5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars (27. December 2009)
My favourite location

Ideal for the older guy...
This is one of my favourite places to go. It's rather small looking when you see an anonymous blue shopfront but don't let that put you off. As once you are inside, it goes back a long way.

It's on three floors, the ground floor is the enterance which leads to a cafe and then after that is the changing rooms. There are a jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam room and a garden which is screened ideal for nude sunbathing in the summer or for those wishing to smoke.

The basement houses a large playroom with video. And further on is another room with a sling and a St. Andrews cross, if you like that sort of thing. Not my scene but it's often busy. The top floor has a darkroom, playroom, rest rooms, gloryholes and a cell for those into that sort if stuff! I like the guys here who are mainly aged from 30 onwards with little attitude and there's nothing posey about them either. They are there for the sex... Talking of which, condoms and lube is available in the cafe area along with the gay magazines, safer sex leaflets and papers.

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