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Na und?

Music Bars & Music Pubs
Majority of guests: gays/men
Na und?
 (Branch of business: Music Bars & Music Pubs)
Address Centro Comercial Yumbo
Ground floor, Local 17-18
35100 Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas
Canary Islands, Spain
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2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars2.0 stars (06. May 2012)

Waiters make you feel unwelcome.
Na Und Gay Bar in two adjacent bars: on the right you have the larger dancing area.
They mostly play ear-worm type German "Volks"-Music which is OK for a while but you easily get too much of it. Too onesided for a guy bar and certainly not everyone's taste. You've got to be German and 70plus to really like that. Not ideal for an international gay bar even if the majority of guests might be German.
Alright for one night, but not every night the same. Yet, I appreciate that it's a matter of personal taste.
On the right side, you have a smaller "cruise" bar, which is deserted - even though it should be busy. It has zero cruise factor.
The toilets behind are very "basic" and not very clean. The air-extractors are full of thick filth and haven't been cleared for years (at least when I was there, 1st week of May 2012). The darkroom has a small TV screen and three cabins. No action there (2 or 3 guys hanging around can hardly be called busy) because of unconvenient setup and waiter policing the entrance.

The problem with the bar is: you do not feel welcome.
You feel pushed to order a drink immediately. Most of the waiters (except the tatooed english muscle guy) make a you uncomfortable even walking around.
You are immediately approached or followed by them. You even feel uncomfortable walking through the place.
Especially the waiter in the supposedly cruisy right part is awful.
If your idea of having a fun night out consists of sitting on a terrace where most guys around you smoke, and you have ear-worm music German repetitively playing the same tracks each night and where the waiters virtually stand next to you all the time to see if you are ready for a 2nd or 3rd drink: then this might be the place.
But if you want to meet someone is a little bit more anonymously without having to indulge in a long conversion, or want to you simply want a drink & a grope, forget the grope and drink at home.
If they did not have that little foreign waiter, the romanian or bulgarian or whatever he is guy with the "dropped" trousers, who is walking up and down and up and down (and up and down) the right side of the terrace, it would be much better. This guy is making the place lose money. This waiter is much too aggesive with his service. And his peculiar way of policing the area, walking up and down, walking up to your table to check your dink every minute - just awful.
He also has a tendency of grumbling at customers in his native language (which noone understands).
As a matter of fact, the stands around like a policeman and makes everybody feel uncomfortable.
Even when a busy night, this part of the bar is half deserted. You can easily observe the situation just walking by.

As a result, the darkroom is underfrequented because the old blokes feel way too self-conscious going in.
And hardly anyone sits at the bar inside, which is very untypical of this type of establishment. $
The situation charges drastically the day he is off. Then the place is being serviced by a tatooed muscle guy and that night you also see more people. But that is only one night a week.
With Hummel Hummel closed (which used to be fun where single guys could hand around in a relaxed way and the darkroom / video room was an attractive meeting point and very busy at times (and all guys with a drink, which meant business for the bar), Na Und is missing out greatly.
With a little bit more business acumen, the owner of Na Und should have managed to drag all those guys in this cruise bar but he missed on this completely due to this waiter(s) and the unwelcome setup.
At present, there is no decent bar for drink and fun if you look for frienship and body contact with guys who are 60plus.
Give the nightlife a miss, with Hummel Hummel closed, Playa del Ingles is on further decline.

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