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Westerland (Sylt) Gay Guide for gays, lesbians and friends

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Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Westerland (Sylt)
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Most popular places of gays and lesbians (recommended for the first stay in town)*
 Name  CityBranch of business
 Bed & Breakfast (B&B), Guesthouses & Hostels none Majority of guests: gays/men Access: only for menHaus Hallig
Danziger Str. 9
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Bed & Breakfast (B&B), Guesthouses & Hostels

 Name  CityBranch of business
 Bars none Majority of guests: gays/men Trans* are welcomeNanu
Strandstraße 23
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Bars
 Night Clubs & Lounges none Majority of guests: gays/men Trans* are welcomeKleist Casino (KC)
Elisabethstr. 1a
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su: 08:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Night Clubs & Lounges
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Sylter Bürgerstuben
Bismarckstr. 11a
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Restaurants
Home-Style Cooking
 Hotels & Resorts none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
Johann-Möller Str. 40
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Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Hotels & Resorts
 Hotels & Resorts none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Hotel Dünenburg
Elisabethstr. 9
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Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Hotels & Resorts
 Cocktailbars none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Black & White
Strandstraße 6-8
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Cocktailbars
 Music Bars & Music Pubs none Majority of guests: completely mixed Trans* are welcomeWunderbar auf Sylt
Paulstraße 6
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Music Bars & Music Pubs
 Hotels & Resorts none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Hotel Sylter Seewolf
Bötticherstr. 13-14
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Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Hotels & Resorts
 Hotels & Resorts none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Long Island House Sylt
Eidumweg 13
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Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Hotels & Resorts
 Summer Houses & Apartments (Self-Catering) none Majority of guests: completely mixedAppartement Hanseatic
Meisenweg 15
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Summer Houses & Apartments (Self-Catering)
 Pubs / Neighborhood Bars none Majority of guests: completely mixedGatz-Bierbar
Strandstr. 10
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Pubs / Neighborhood Bars
 Hotels & Resorts none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Marin Hotel Sylt
Elisabethstraße 1
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Hotels & Resorts
 Thermal Baths & Public Swimming Pools none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Sylter Welle
Strandstr. 33
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Thermal Baths & Public Swimming Pools
 AIDS/HIV/Health none Majority of guests: completely mixed Trans* are welcomeAids Hilfe Sylt
Keitumer Chaussee 10
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)AIDS/HIV/Health

The following venues no longer exist
 Name  CityBranch of business
 Saunas & Bathhouses none Majority of guests: gays/men Access: only for menSauna Beachclub Westerland
Bötticherstr. 3
Germany  Westerland (Sylt)Saunas & Bathhouses

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