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Restaurants @ Salvador Gay Guide for gays, lesbians and friends

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Brazil » Region Northeast » Salvador

 Name  CityBranch of business
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Yan Ping
Rua Marquês de Leão, 253
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
Chinese Cuisine
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Sushi Deli
Rua Fonte do Boi, 16
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
Sushi Restaurants
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Restaurante do SENAC Pelourinho
Largo do Pelourinho
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
Training Restaurants
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Maria Mata Moura
Rua da Ordem Terceira, 8
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
Garden Restaurants
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Creperê
Rua Calazans Neto, 13
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
Crêperies & Pancakes
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Bate Boca
Alameda Antunes, 56
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
International Cuisine
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Al Carmo
Rua do Carmo, 66
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
Italian Cuisine
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)
4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars4.0 stars
Luna Rossa
Av Marques de Leao, 293
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: completely mixedTudo Azul
Avenida Sete de Setembro, 3701
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: completely mixedRestaurante Pedra da Sereia
Rua Pedra da Sereia, 66
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: completely mixedFogo de Chão
Praça Colombo, 4
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: completely mixed
5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars5.0 stars
Restaurante Maria de São Pedro
Praça Visconde de Cayru, 250
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
Brazilian Cuisine
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: completely mixedCantina Volpi
Rua Professor Sabino Silva, 822
Brazil  SalvadorRestaurants
Italian Cuisine

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