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Rosario Gay Guide for gays, lesbians and friends

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Argentina » Rosario
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 Name  CityBranch of business
 Gay Guides & Directories none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trans* are welcomeGay RosarioArgentina  RosarioGay Guides & Directories
 Pride Centers, Switchboards & Helplines none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trans* are welcomeÁrea De Diversidad Rosario
Buenos Aires 856 4º P.
Argentina  RosarioPride Centers, Switchboards & Helplines
 Bars none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trans* are welcomeMiento Bar
Sarmiento 384
Argentina  RosarioBars
 Pubs / Neighborhood Bars none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixedInizio
Mitre 1880
Argentina  RosarioPubs / Neighborhood Bars
 Indoor Cruising & Erotic Shops none Majority of guests: gays/menMicrocine de la Cortada
Pje Ricardone 1244
Argentina  RosarioIndoor Cruising & Erotic Shops
 Show Bars & Drag none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trans* are welcomeEl Refugio Pub
Laprida 847
Argentina  RosarioShow Bars & Drag
 Show Bars & Drag none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trans* are welcomeXY Shows
Av. Córdoba 3549
Argentina  RosarioShow Bars & Drag
 Law & Rights: Parties, Politics & Organisations none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trans* are welcomeVox Asociación Civil
Entre Rios 1791
Argentina  RosarioLaw & Rights: Parties, Politics & Organisations
 Saunas & Bathhouses none Majority of guests: gays/men Access: only for menaQua spa y sauna
Maipú 1282
Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa: 12:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.; Su: 04:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Argentina  RosarioSaunas & Bathhouses
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: completely mixedSana Sana
Alvear 14 bis
Argentina  RosarioRestaurants
Vegetarian Cuisine
 Restaurants none Majority of guests: completely mixedBaraKa
Callao 120 Bis
Argentina  RosarioRestaurants
 Music Bars & Music Pubs none Majority of guests: completely mixedMistika
San Martin 1443
Argentina  RosarioMusic Bars & Music Pubs
 Bars none Majority of guests: completely mixedEl Beso
Güemes 2631
Argentina  RosarioBars
 Café (Bar) Restaurants none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)El Museo
Rioja 2101
Argentina  RosarioCafé (Bar) Restaurants
 Summer Houses & Apartments (Self-Catering) none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Roberta Rosa De Fontana Suites
Entre Rios 914
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Argentina  RosarioSummer Houses & Apartments (Self-Catering)
 Summer Houses & Apartments (Self-Catering) none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Cetro Real Condominium & Suites
Santiago 853
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Argentina  RosarioSummer Houses & Apartments (Self-Catering)
 Hotels & Resorts none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Barisit House Hotel
Laprida 1311
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Argentina  RosarioHotels & Resorts
 Bars none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)El Bar Del Mar
Tucumán 2101
Argentina  RosarioBars

The following venues no longer exist
 Name  CityBranch of business
 Bars none Majority of guests: completely mixedLa Previa
San Martín 1435
Argentina  RosarioBars
 Night Clubs & Lounges none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trans* are welcomeGotika City Club
Mitre 1539
Argentina  RosarioNight Clubs & Lounges
 Café (Bar) Restaurants none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixedKingsland Club
Zeballos 1110
Argentina  RosarioCafé (Bar) Restaurants

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