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Austria » Vienna » Vienna

 Name  CityBranch of business
 Pride Shops, Books, Gifts & Flowers none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trannies are most welcomeLöwenherz
Berggasse 8
Austria  ViennaPride Shops, Books, Gifts & Flowers
 Pride Shops, Books, Gifts & Flowers none Majority of guests: lesbians/womenWeiberdiwanAustria  ViennaPride Shops, Books, Gifts & Flowers
 Clothing none Majority of guests: completely mixedArt & Style
Amerlingstraße 19
Austria  ViennaClothing
 Physicians, Alternative Practitioners & Psychotherapists none Majority of guests: completely mixedDr. Horst Schalk
Zimmermannplatz 1
Austria  ViennaPhysicians, Alternative Practitioners & Psychotherapists
 Clothing none Majority of guests: completely mixed Trannies are most welcomeSchuh & Dessous
Burggasse 128
Austria  ViennaClothing
 Solicitors, Notaries & Tax Consultants none Majority of guests: completely mixedRechtsanwalt Dr. Helmut Graupner
Maxingstr. 22-24/4/9
Austria  ViennaSolicitors, Notaries & Tax Consultants
 AIDS/HIV/Health none Majority of guests: completely mixedSTD-Ambulatorium
Neutorgasse 20
Austria  ViennaAIDS/HIV/Health
 Advertising, (Event) Promotion & Marketing none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trannies are most welcomePink Marketing GmbH
Hütteldorfer Straße 81 b
Austria  ViennaAdvertising, (Event) Promotion & Marketing
 AIDS/HIV/Health none Majority of guests: completely mixed Trannies are most welcomeAidshilfe Wien
Mariahilfer Gürtel 4
Aids Hilfe Haus
Austria  ViennaAIDS/HIV/Health
 Fetish Shops (SM, Leather, Rubber) none Majority of guests: straights (women and men)Tiberius
Lindengasse 2
Austria  ViennaFetish Shops (SM, Leather, Rubber)

The following venues no longer exist
 Name  CityBranch of business
 Pride Shops, Books, Gifts & Flowers none Majority of guests: lesbians/women Access: only for womenFrauenzimmer
Zieglergasse 28
Austria  ViennaPride Shops, Books, Gifts & Flowers

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