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Bali Kinos

Majority of guests: completely mixedTrannies are most welcome
Bali Kinos
 (Branch of business: Cinemas)
Address Rainer Dierichs Platz 1
im KulturBahnhof Kassel
34117 Kassel
Hesse, Germany
Phone:05 61-71 05 50

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Gay friendly hotels in Kassel
This view is only approximately accurate or a gray area, if not available
Events @ Bali Kinos
Queerfilm Kassel
Name of the event: Queerfilm Kassel
Type of event: Film festival
Languages of the website: German
Frequency/Date of the event: each third Wednesday a month
Event starts: 06:30 p.m.
Clientele: Majority or all guests are gay or lesbian (men and women)
 Transvestites / Transsexuals

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After Controversy, Caitlyn Jenner 'Declines' Award From Trans Film Fest
The Republican transgender celebrity will no longer be receiving an award from St. John's Well Child & Family Center, after a petition called for the honor to be revoked.

Why Are We Giving Awards to Caitlyn Jenner?
Transgender activist Ashlee Marie Preston says it's not only wrong to give an award to the Trump supporter — as St. John's Well Child & Family Center plans to do — it is downright insulting.

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