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Bars @ Dallas

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USA » Texas » Dallas

 Name  CityBranch of business
 Bars none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixed Trannies are most welcomePekers Bar
2615 Oak Lawn Avenue
USA  DallasBars
 Bars none Majority of guests: completely mixedHavana Bar & Grill
4006 Cedar Springs Rd
USA  DallasBars

The following venues no longer exist
 Name  CityBranch of business
 Bars none Majority of guests: lesbians/womenSister's
4025-4103 Maple Ave
USA  DallasBars
 Bars none Majority of guests: gays/men Trannies are most welcomeLevel Bar and Grill
3903 Lemmon Ave
USA  DallasBars
 Bars none Majority of guests: gays and lesbians mixedThe Side 2 Bar
2615 Oak Lawn Ave
USA  DallasBars
 Bars none Majority of guests: completely mixedCrush
1806 Greenville Ave
USA  DallasBars
 Bars none Majority of guests: completely mixedCross Bar
5334 Lemmon Ave
USA  DallasBars

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